Grupo de investigaciones léxicas y gramaticales en lengua inglesa



Gilgli is a research group founded in 1999 by some members of the English Department of the University of La Laguna and the Instituto de Lingüística Andres Bello (INULAB). The group is led by Prof. Francisco Cortés Rodríguez and, as can be seen through our projects and papers, is pursuing active research in linguistic topics, especially in those concerned with lexical and grammatical investigations of the English language, both Present-Day and in previous stages.  One of its main objectives is to provide a regular forum for discussion of work in progress and a natural grouping for collaborative research, especially that concerned with the interface between semantic and syntactic structures. Our group is also part of a bigger ring of research teams, the so-called Lexicom Project, clustered around a model for the semantic construction and interpretation of linguistic structures, the Lexical Constructional Model (see Lexicom for references).

Updated 07/2011