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Verb Classes

Lexicons for English              


Levin, B. (1993). English verb classes and alternations: a preliminary investigation. Chicago (Ill.): University of Chicago press. Partial view on Google Books is available.


VerbNet   The largest online verb lexicon in English.

FrameNet    Online lexical resource in English.


WordNet   A lexical database for English.


WordNet Bibliography   maintained by Andras Csomai  Comprehensive bibliography listing research related to Wordnet lexical database.


The Global WordNet Association   A platform that connects wordnets all over the world.

English Lexicon Project A database whose function (among others) is to generate lists of words with specific lexical characteristics.

Experimental NLP lexicons (inactive) This site includes CoreLex, an ontology that implements the assumptions of Pustejovsky's Generative Lexicon theory


Roget’s Thesaurus electronic version  Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases is organized into categories of thinking.


   Lexicons for Spanish


Verbs, semantic classes and semantic roles in the ADESSE project       José M García-Miguel Francisco J Albertuz University of Vigo. An introduction to Adesse, a verb lexicon for Spanish.


Adesse   Verb lexicon for Spanish maintained by the University of Vigo

Spanish FrameNet   Online lexical resource in Spanish

Spanish and Catalan WordNets    Spanish and Catalan Wordnets maintained by the Technical University of Catalonia

3LB: Building a syntactic-semantic-trees-based database  Project that plans to create treebanks for Spanish, Basque and Catalan.

Base de Datos Sintácticos del Español Actual