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Francisco J. Cortés Rodríguez     

I studied English Philology in the University of Granada. In 1994 I completed my doctorate on “Onomasiological Lexicon of English and Spanish Nominalization Affixes” in the University of La Laguna. In 1997 I was appointed Associate Professor of English in this University, and since 2007 I hold a chair in English Language and Linguistics.
My broader research areas cover  word-formation, lexical structure, the interaction between lexis and grammar within functional and cognitive models,
and diachronic lexicology. I have been the head of various research projects funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and the Regional Government of the Canary Islands (references HUM2005 07651-C02-01, BFF2002 0659, PB1999/136) that dealt with the structure of the lexicon and linking mechanisms in Old English. I am currently leading a research project entitled “Construction of a Core Grammar Spanish-English database within the Lexical Constructional Model”, fund no. FFI2008-05035-C02-02. This project is coordinated with another one headed by Prof. Ricardo Mairal at the National University of Distance Education at Madrid, and forms part of the Research carried out as part of the Lexicom Research Project . The title for the coordinated research project is “Creating a contrastive English-Spanish database of hierarchical networks of linguistic constructions: a study of its applications to language teaching and linguistic engineering”.

I am also the representative of the GILGLI Research Group.


Francisco Cortés Rodríguez

Contact Information:

Francisco José Cortés Rodríguez

Departamento de Filología Inglesa y Alemana

Facultad de Filología

Campus de Guajara s/n

38071 La Laguna (Tenerife) – Spain

Phone no. (+34) 922316502 ext. 7653